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Mid West LDC Enterprise Awards Regional Final | Amazing achievement for my little business | Clonmel Photographer

Mid West LDC Enterprise Awards Regional Final
Our little Clonmel based photography studio recognized at Enterprise Awards
| Amazing achievement for my little business |
Release of part 2 of Looking for happiness
Yesterday I was happy to attend the Enterprise Awards which took place in The INN Hotel at Dromoland, myself and other 11 finalist we were able showcase our products and talk between each other about our businesses and how excited we are to be the 12 finalists. We were all accompanied by Local Development Company representatives and our guests who also took part in meeting everyone and admire their work, I can tell you straight away that I meet one business who will create a stunning pieces for my newborn photography clients and I can’t wait to visit them to plan the design. Every one of us is creating something unique from special diet requirements food to amazing natural skin products or wood restoration pieces which my little one was impressed the most. Talking about my son, Dawid he was a star last night, adored by everyone and mentioned during the speeches from one of the ILDN representative as a future entrepreneur!! My heart just melted because this is why I am doing this!! I quit my job to follow my dreams and to prove to my son and others that we all can do it, that passion and hard work is required , I mean really hard work because being self- employed is not 9 to 5 but it is 24h a day, 7 days a week, you never stop thinking about it, you always plan ahead, you are always learning and worry. Not every day is amazing, not every week is booked like we planned, there are problems all the way  but we have to stay strong and look for the ways to improve and resolve the problems because after every storm sun comes out, smile on our client’s faces or little tears shared with me when watching their images are priceless and from time to time a little recognition like last night is a dream come through.
Here I would love to thank to all of you who supported my from beginning, to South Tipperary Development Company for sending me the application and reminding me about it, yes Hilary I am talking about you! It was lovely to see you all yesterday, your work is amazing, The Self Employment Options Program opened my eyes and made my aware of what is required to be successful as a business owner. For all of you who have a business in mind contact South Tipperary Development Company and do this course, they will help you understand the market and work on numbers with you, because knowing how to charge for your product/ service is the most asked question and this course will help you figure it out.
Thank you one more time to the members of the Mid West LDC Enterprise Network are Ballyhoura Development, Clare Local Development Company, North Tipperary LEADER Partnership, PAUL Partnership, South Tipperary Development Company and West Limerick Resources for giving us this amazing opportunity.
Big congratulations to all finalist, like it was mentioned you are all the winners!! And of course big thank you to three businesses who is going to represent all of us at the National LDC Awards- you deserve it!
Here are some images from yesterday of us from South Tipperary and please scroll down to view my new release which was created few days ago to celebrate my big step 2 years ago when I quit Abbott Vascular Clonmel, part 2 of “Looking for Happiness” released about 2y ago.
LDC AwardsLDC Awards, Soth Tipperary Enterprise Office
I am sure that you all know my red dress par 1 “Looking for Happiness” image, here I would like to present part 2 “The Pursuit”. I created this fine art image to celebrate my big decision of leaving AV to pursuit my dreams, as you all know I did went to College and I went full time with my photography studio shortly after that. Leaving my job was the hardest decision I made, and don’t get me wrong I am glad that I worked with AV for 5 years, it made me able to get my business running an made me find what I love which is a photography.
You are probably wondering about the meaning of this image…Feel free to look at it and imagine yourself as a main character in this photo like you did with part 1, every one of us has a story find it in withing this image, be inspired to take a next step.
Fine Art Photography


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