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Hi there,


I really hope that you are all doing well during this crazy time, it is hard to believe that we have been home for 2 months now! Fingers crossed that all will go back to normal or new normal soon.

Just to let you know that myself and my boys are healthy, we have been living a very busy life here on the farm what makes us happy and occupied- this is why I haven’t been posting much here and I miss it 😉

That is why I decided to post a few gorgeous images from Jack’s Life- Styled Newborn Session that I photographed a long time ago! This gallery is just stunning and I never got a chance to share it until now so I really hope that you will enjoy it.

Those kind of sessions are focused on interaction between parents and baby, they are full of love, smiles, kisses and cuddles. Hope to photograph more sessions like this in the future.

Regarding the big question, when we can re-open, answer is all in the air.  By  following government restrictions at the moment I might be able to open my studio in phase 4 for sessions where we can keep social distance and also where I will be wearing face mask and gloves as well my studio will be sanitized.

Phase 5 might allow us to work with newborn babies where I still will be wearing mask and sanitizing studio-  something that professional newborn photographers did before, you all know that hand sanitizer was used by me few times during the session etc.

As I mention, this is all in the air, it might change so please bare with me and stay in touch so I can keep you updated and also please understand that we can not photograph newborns before phase 5. My priority was always health of your newborn baby and this will never change.

I really hope that this is ok with you, if you have had your baby recently make sure to book your sitter session with me (babies from 6 months up) this is my next favorite stage to photograph, example here :https://monikagrabowska.com/oisin-children-photography-family-portraits-clonmel-tipperary-ireland/

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