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Clonmel Communion Photography | Beautiful Portraits in the Garden

Clonmel Communion Photography

Happy Monday all!

I only have few spare minutes before today’s sitter session (click here) so I decided to post some images from Communions I did in 2016. I have been super busy last May and this year is booking up quickly, not to say much but my first booking for this year was in May 2016 what made me very happy and at this stage I am already sending out prices for 2018 what I am very excited about!

With our Communion photography services I would like to note that I no longer offer Church services, there is a photographer available to photograph Holy Communions in our churches and this makes me very happy because I can focus on my in studio work rather than driving from place to place.

You can simply book me for on location photo-shoot chosen by you after the Mass or I can invite you to my studio surrounded by beautiful gardens ( images taken below are from our gardens).

I am very flexible with availability, I can book you in after the Mass, after your dinner or during the week. I am very positive that this last option might suit some of  you better, lets take the stress away from your big day and call in to me day or few days after. Last year was very successful and all my clients loved that idea.

Worried about weather?

Don’t be! I can also photograph you in my studio in case weather will turn bad on us, I have already posted some images taken in my studio last year so please click here to view them. I might add few more images at the end of this post so make sure to scroll down.

So far some of the main dates in May are booked but as I mentioned I am very flexible so make sure to email or call me on 0863590470.

Thanks for visiting!




Communion Photography


Here are some images of boys taken in my studio.



Clonmel Communion Photography



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