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Sneak Peak from our recent Confirmation Photography Session where I was able to photograph this amazing girl and her family. During our time in the studio we created stunning family portraits of 13 family members including both sets of grandparents and this is were the magic happens. I know how life can get busy, I am guilty of it myself  but it is important that we say stop to this maddens and decide on family portrait.

But I hate myself in the pictures….

Oh yes we all do, especially moms coming to me week after giving birth but I am begging you to stop being so hard on yourself and understand that you are amazing, those images are for your children to cherish forever.

This brings me to my last visit in Poland when one day I asked my mom to show me their wedding images, I knew that I am crossing the line back them, my mom had the best excuses! She even didn’t know where they are! Yep right, she knew exactly where she put them and after begging her for two days she finally showed me them.

I loved them to the point that I did steal some of the duplicate images and have them here in Ireland with me right now. She is looking stunning in every single one. I might share them with you one day!

So just to prove my point, those images are not for my mom to look at, there are for me to look at and for my son- he loved them btw!

To all moms who hates their pictures!  We love them and we don’t care what you think, you are beautiful!

This session was a little a bit different, ladies loved their pictures taken where boys didn’t have a patience for it but I did my best to make them laugh and I did succeed ! Results are stunning photographs on their wall for children to cherish forever.

To finish this long post, I am just sharing few images from this session, hope you will like them as much as I do.

Feel free to contact me if you are looking for family photographer, I will be more than happy to photograph you and your loved ones.


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