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Boudoir Photography

“I am a Woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal Woman, that’s me” Maya Angelou

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” My biggest worry was that I would not smile naturally and look like myself, but I cried with happiness at the viewing experience. As every photograph came up on screen, I was speechless as Monika had some how captured my very essence. My photographs are testimony to how relaxed I felt and how much fun I had. I cannot convey my gratitude enough to Monika. “


You seek to find something within you that you never knew existed.


You have lost your sense of beauty over the years.


You always had it in you and are ready to express your fierceness. What ever your reason, I want you to embrace and celebrate who you are. I want you to appreciate yourself. Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. I want you to go outside of your comfort zone, to push limits and to have fun!


You want to give HIM this...




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I had been really wanting to do a boudoir shoot for sometime but I couldn’t find the style of photography that I wanted. I did my research and followed the amazing Monika on Instagram. I set up an appointment with her with much much MUCH excitement. Of course I was a little nervous the night before, but I knew after following Monika’s tips for preparation I would be just fine. When I showed up, Monika was just as excited as I was. She really knew what words of encouragement to use and get me to pose in ways that she knew would capture me best. Her positive talk throughout made me feel like a model working for Vogue! I left that day feeling absolutely wonderful about myself. I also could not get over just how amazing Monika was. Such a positive and lovely person. When I went to look at my pictures I just couldn’t believe it. They were beautiful! That beautiful girl was ME! I have definitely started a path towards self love by having this boudoir session. I see myself as sexy and drop dead gorgeous. I would 100% recommended treating yourself to a boudoir session with Monika. You will come out feeling confident and absolutely sure of yourself.”

Miss M.