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| Newborn Photography Session |

Well I know… Alex is 7 weeks new in those pictures so how come I want all my babies to be photographed in the first 14 days?!

Answer is simple, this session was much much harder than regular newborn session and Alex didn’t sleep as well as new babies, she was also much bigger and I wasn’t able to pose her in all those cute poses. At the end I also produced less images than usually, parents loved them and I do too but now I know why some of the photographers don’t book any babies older than 14 days and I am trying to encourage all expecting mums to book me before due date so I can accommodate them in the first two weeks.

Will I be like the other photographers ? No, of course not. I am photographing newborns because I wish for all my new parents to have those beautiful images but it is harder for me so if you are looking for newborn pictures taken of your baby make sure to contact me when you are 30 weeks pregnant to scheduled your consultation.

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