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Toddler Photography Investment

babies are growing up so fast! let me capture this beautiful moment for you!

Have you missed booking me to photograph your baby as a newborn?

Don't worry! This session will exceed your expectations

Toddler Photography also known as Sitter Photography is my second favorite photography type that we offer here in our studio.

It is done once your baby starts to sit unsupported and just before your baby starts to walk. This is the special time to celebrate such a bit milestone in your little's life and this is the next session you want to book after your newborn session.

Your baby is changing very fast in their first year of life... they are able to sit now and smile at you... How precious is that ?

They will be walking soon...
I mean running and to be completely honest with you You won't have time to think about their next photography session until they are 5 or 8 !! So don't wait, let me capture their personality !

Family and Children Photography by Monika Grabowks Photography Studio Clonmel Tipperary Ireland
Family Portraits with Monika Grabowks Photography Studio Clonmel Tipperary Ireland

Interested in Albums or Framed Portraits?

takes the husstle off designing it yourself

Xmas Photography Session

Best way to have your children photographed every year


Most frequent questions and answers regarding toddler / sitter photography

Monika Grabowska Photography Studio is located in Kilsheelan just outside Clonmel on the Tipperary/ Waterford border.

Clients are traveling to MG studio from all over Ireland.

As you can see in my examples I prefer simple outfits, white top looks amazing with jeans. For toddler/ sitter session I also ask parents to bring a white body.

Toddler/ sitter session should be done once your baby is sitting unsupported but before baby starts crawling or walking. I would suggest contacting me once your baby is 4 months old so I can book you in for a session around 6-8 months of age. We will stay in touch before finalizing the date.

It shouldn’t be longer that 1 hour. Ideally between 30mins-1 hour.

During that time you will be able to feed your baby if necessary.

To take advantage of beautiful flowers we have here in the gardens I  suggest booking a session for middle of April to May.

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